VWLS / iProsper

The VWLS is a business management platform that you adapt to your business’s needs. It is fully customizable and very flexible in order to fit as many different types of businesses as possible.

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Tournament Life

Tournament Life is a gaming organization that sponsors and supports multiple professional video game players.

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Le Berger Blanc

Le Berger Blanc is a web platform that have been put online in order to ease the search for lost pets and for people to search for animals to adopt.

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Bibliothèque Virtuelle

The Bibliothèque Virtuelle (Virtual Library) is a files repository where visitors, members and administrators can download files. Administrators can add new files using various sources such as, FTP server, direct upload, using Dropbox and more.

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The Centre de coordination de référence is a project launched by the RUIS de l’Univesité de Montréal. It’s mission is to offer services that contributes to ease the access to health and specialized health services.

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Gi² professional profiles module

The Gi² professional profiles module is a module where professionals can create a work profile for themselves. They are able to show their skills in domains and mandates and they can show their formations.

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