Northern Arena

Northern Arena has become the leader of esports throughout Canada and is focused on creating platforms for onsite events and online leagues. By working closely with various game developers, Northern Arena is aiming to bring these events and leagues to players and audiences seamlessly and professionally with world-class production quality and innovative content distribution methods.

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PlanSanté.ca is an appointments management system made for health professionals. The mission of this website is to provide services to health professionals at a reduced cost.

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VWLS / iProsper

The VWLS is a business management platform that you adapt to your business’s needs. It is fully customizable and very flexible in order to fit as many different types of businesses as possible.

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Tournament Life

Tournament Life is a gaming organization that sponsors and supports multiple professional video game players.

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Le Berger Blanc

Le Berger Blanc is a web platform that have been put online in order to ease the search for lost pets and for people to search for animals to adopt.

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Bibliothèque Virtuelle

The Bibliothèque Virtuelle (Virtual Library) is a files repository where visitors, members and administrators can download files. Administrators can add new files using various sources such as, FTP server, direct upload, using Dropbox and more.

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