Live-streaming using a computer and a Ubuntu server to


I started live-streaming my gaming sessions a few months ago and have been using the NVENC encoding. I found that the quality wasn’t that great and I had a Ubuntu server around and I wanted to try to find out what I could do with it to help have better quality on my stream, and maybe record all my sessions with a higher quality.

I also didn’t want to buy a capture card or a Windows license for my server since I’m very comfortable with Ubuntu Server and didn’t have more usable hardware around.

The setup

Ubuntu server

Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS.
On it is installed nginx-rtmp and FFmpeg.

Main computer

I use this computer for pretty much everything I do.
I use OBS with NVENC encoding.

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New Blog

This is my new blog.

It will soon replace my portfolio website as it will contain all my work that is available publicly with some additional details and comments.

I want to use this blog as a medium to share about the things I find interesting in programming, philosophy and video games.

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