About Me

I am a Lead Programmer from the region of Laval, Québec.

I have been programming since the age of 11, starting with HTML4 and PHP. I since then have learned many programming languages including XHTML/CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, C#, C, C++, Java, Python and many more.

I have great ability to build and understand complex software architectures.


For the web

  • My main mastery is PHP.
  • I have experience in Information Security.
  • I built many Web APIs to work with various applications.
  • I have a lot of knowledge in HTML5.
  • I am quite good with CSS3 and I master all of its basics.
  • JavaScript is a language that I have a lot of interest on.
  • I use AngularJS, EmberJS and jQuery on a regular basis.
  • I have some knowledge on NodeJS.
  • MySQL is my main choice for websites databases.
  • I regularly use MongoDB for complex applications.
  • I can automate the testing of APIs with Codeception.

Servers and softwares

  • I have great knowledge of C++ and the Boost libraries.
  • My first choice for Windows desktop software is C#.
  • When I need management scripts or server software I use Python or Node.js.
  • I use MongoDB for most storage needs.
  • I use PostgreSQL on a regular basis.
  • I use Linux every days, specially for my servers.
  • I’m very interested in Distributed computing techniques.
  • I design and implement Network protocols.
  • I have basic knowledge of Unreal engine and Irrlicht.
  • I know the basics of ZeroMQ.


  • Designing and building highly scalable web APIs.
  • Leading web development projects.
  • Working on Video game servers software and protocols.
  • Optimizing and simplifying code.

My activities on the web

My LinkedIn profile contains more general information about my professional life.

I mainly use Github and Bitbucket to keep my open-source and closed-source repositories.

Contacting me

You can send me an e-mail directly at [email protected] or use the following contact form: